Osteopathy encompasses the treatment of both chronic and acute conditions throughout the body including:

Back Pain
Best known for its treatment of back pain & accounting for 50% of the cases we see. Osteopathy is a proven and effective treatment for conditions ranging from mild muscular strains to sciatica.

Arthritic & Rheumatic Pain
Helps to reduce pain, muscle spasm, cramps, aches and pains as well as improving circulation.

Neck Ache
It can efficiently address the lack of mobility, pain and neuralgia resulting from wear and tear, occupational demands or whiplash injuries.

Arm and Leg Pain
Addresses problems from the shoulder to the hand and from the hip to the foot, including joint aches and pains, muscle spasms, neuralgia and sciatica.

Work Related Problems
From Builders to Office Workers, Osteopathy can address postural problems, irritations from repetitive tasks or many hours in the same position.

Helping you to adjust to the continuous changes occurring within your body during your pregnancy.

Sports Injuries
Whether amateur or professional Osteopathy is effective in the treatment of numerous sports related injuries as well as helping to achieve the optimal performance.

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